Sharp Solar.

The OnEnergy™ system from Sharp—for faster, easier installations.

Sharp is committed to helping you grow your business. The OnEnergy system arrives from the factory ready to install with these innovations:

  1. UL-listed row-on-row
    intergrated grounding
  2. Tile attachment (allowing install on tile roofs)
  3. New module sizes (187, 167, 142, and the triangular 72-watt)

On: Improved aesthetics, streamlined installation. Off: Wasted Time
This innovative new solution for residential and light commercial installations uses a shared rail system that requires 30% less rail than conventional systems. That means fewer rail lines to draw and less mounting hardware to install. The racking system is compatible with virtually all types of roofs including asphalt shingles, curved Spanish tiles, concrete tiles and slate, for retrofit or new construction. And Sharp backs every solar module with a 25-year limited warranty, and the racking system with a 10-year limited warranty.

Adjustable slider assemblies.
These adjustable slider assemblies speed up installations with their generous vertical and horizontal tolerances. Simply mount, adjust, and move on. The sliders are also equipped with butyl sealant pads that instantly create a waterproof seal at all roof penetrations.

Better aesthetics.
One of the most innovative aspects of the OnEnergy system is the talon clip. They grip each module securely in place while integrating so smoothly that no parts of the mounting structure are visible on the roof.

Mounting hardware.
The mounting hardware is made of steel because it’s structurally superior to aluminum. We treat it with SuperDyma, a rugged, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant alloy coating designed especially for outdoor exposure. SuperDyma is so effective it’s used as standard corrosion protection throughout the automotive industry. Self-tapping screws eliminate the need for pilot holes, and the screws and bolts are standardized to minimize tool changes.

Integrated trim covers for form, function and a finishing touch.

Front, top and side trim covers provide a finished appearance while decreasing wind drag and improving water channeling. The result is a streamlined system with clean aesthetics.

*Product specifications, design and installation recommendations are subject to change without notice.